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Virtual Personal Training Packages

Train 1-on-1 with me in the comfort of your own home or favourite gym. Your program will be designed based on your movement capabilities, goals, preferences, and available equipment.  We will work together to help you develop and maintain healthy, long-term habits that will contribute to your overall health, fitness, and personal growth.


Fascial Stretch Therapy

FST is a pain-free method of improving mobility of the nerves, and flexibility of the muscles and fascia. It is one of the quickest, most effective and pleasant methods to eliminate pain, relieve stress, restore function, improve sleep, and move & feel better in activities of life, fitness and sports. Book a 1 hour session today! 


Do you have questions? Are you debating between personal training or customized programming? Book a FREE 1 hour consultation session. This includes a comprehensive movement assessment & feedback, and a discussion about your health, lifestyle & behaviours, and goals.

Book a FREE Consultation

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